Apr 11 - Melissa Wilson to give NIGMS Director’s Early-Career Investigator lecture: https://www.nigms.nih.gov/News/meetings/Pages/2019-NIGMS-Directors-Early-Career-Investigator-Lecture.aspx

Mar 1 - Kimberly Olney received an ARCS Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists: Advancing Science in America) scholarship. 

Feb 28 - Gila monster genomics featured on Arizona PBS:


Mar 1 - Kimberly Olney received an ARCS Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists: Advancing Science in America) scholarship. 

Jan 11 - Angela Taravella received a Graduate College Fellowship 


Dec 1 - Imani Sharpe received the Harry Lowell Swift Advancing Health Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dec 1 - Kimberly Olney received the Harry Lowell Swift Advancing Health Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

April 29 - Wilson Sayres interviewed on "The Science Show" with Robyn Williams: Gila monster may help reveal the evolution of sex chromosomes.

April 26 - Wilson Sayres spoke at Experimental Biology 2017 about crowd-funding.

April 10 - Wilson Sayres featured as "BadAss woman of ASU"

April 6 - Sarah Brotman, undergraduate in the lab, successfully defends her Barrett Honors Thesis!

April 2 - Melissa A. Wilson Sayres interviewed about sex and gender in genetics on Reality Trip with Ben Fama Jr (video).

March 29 - Daniel Cotter, undergraduate in the lab, selected to receive the Origins Project Undergraduate Research Scholarship!

March 27 - Valerie DeLuca, undergraduate in the lab, successfully defends her Barrett Honors Thesis!

March 24 - Sarah Brotman, undergraduate in the lab, selected to receive the Outstanding Graduating Senior AND the Student of the Year Award in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology) in the School of Life Sciences!

January - Melissa Wilson Sayres ad hoc reviewer for NSF DEB.

January - Melissa Wilson Sayres reviewed grants for Cards Against Humanity's Science Ambassador Scholarship.



December 25 - Melissa A. Wilson Sayres featured as expert geneticist for ABC 15 story on personalized genetic testing (text and video).

November 30 - Melissa A. Wilson Sayres interviewed about sex and gender by Caitlin McDonough on IdeaSpermatheca (written summary).

November 29 - Article published: Fruitful analysis of sex chromosomes reveals X-treme genetic diversity, with Angela M. Taravella and Melissa A. Wilson Sayres

November 7 - Melissa Wilson Sayres elected to the Council of the American Genetic Association

November 7 - Article published: Evolution of dosage compensation in Anolis carolinensis, a reptile with XX/XY chromosomal sex determination, with Shawn Rupp, Tim Webster, Kimberly Olney, Elizabeth Hutchins, Kenro Kusumi and Melissa A. Wilson Sayres

October 20 - Wilson Sayres lab featured in ASUnow for outreach activities: winning I'm a Scientist and DNA extraction at ASU Homecoming

October 18 - Wilson Sayres lab Gila monster research featured in Atlantic by Ed Yong: Arizona's Adorable Monster

October 18-22 - Wilson Sayres lab presents at annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting, Vancouver, CANADA. 
Danny Cotter presented a poster: Diversity across the pseudoautosomal boundary varies across human populations.
Sarah Brotman presented a poster: Genes that are routinely subject to inactivation and genes that routinely escape inactivation are highly expressed, and are candidates in Turner syndrome phenotype.
Melissa A. Wilson Sayres presented a talk: odeling the sub clonal evolution of cancer cell populations and moderated session #51: Inferring the action of natural selection.

October 15-17 - Wilson Sayres led hackseq group that won second place for their work: Inferring sex chromosome ploidy from NGS dataMembers: Madeline Couse, Bruno Grande, Eric Karlins, Tanya Phung, Phillip Richmond, Tim Webster, Whitney Whitford, Melissa A. Wilson Sayres.

October 4 - Article published: Variable autosomal and X divergence near and far from genes affects estimates of male mutation bias in great apes, with Pooja Narang and Melissa Wilson Sayres. Covered in ASU Now

September 27 - Sam Daly, undergraduate in the lab is awarded the Dean's Research Scholarship

September 21 - Article published: Genomic analyses inform on migration events during peopling of Eurasia, with Melissa Wilson Sayres as part of consortium efforts.

September 5 - Article published: Sex-biased demography across human populations, with Tim Webster & Melissa Wilson Sayres

April 20  - Dr. Wilson Sayres is on Ask A Biologist (link)

April 18  - Undergraduate student, Sam Daly, awarded the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Summer Experience.

April 15 - Three Wilson Sayres lab undergraduates present posters of their research at the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium: 

April 13  - Lab crowdfunding efforts for Gila monster genome research featured in ASU Now and The Daily Beast.

March 23  - New research published: Genetic diversity on the human X chromosome does not support a strict pseudoautosomal boundary, by Daniel Cotter, Sarah Brotman & Melissa Wilson Sayres. Covered by ASU Biodesign, and featured on several news outlets

March 18 - Shawn Rupp was selected as this year's Origins Project Norm Perrill Scholar!

February 26 - Wilson Sayres lab judges Middle School Science Projects.

February 24 - Three undergraduate researchers were awarded scholarships!
Sarah Brotman: Undergraduate Outstanding Service award
Danny Cotter: Ralph A. Fisher, Jr. Scholarship
Lidia Peon: Jerome Aronson Plant Biology Scholarship

February 20 - Wilson Sayres lab presented at the 5th Southern California Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics meeting: 
Kimberly Olney presented a talk: Accurately inferring imbalanced allele expression using logistic regression models.
Shawn Rupp presented a poster: Characterizing Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Green Anole
Sarah Brotman and Danny Cotter presented a poster: Using diversity to measure boundaries of the psuedoautosomal regions in human sex chromosomes

January 27 - Melissa Wilson Sayres comments on new research about male and female mutation rates, by Cathleen O'Grady.

January 8 - Hosted, "Introduction to Galaxy" workshop.



November - Kara Schaffer successfully defends Honors Thesis, "Evolutionary perspective suggests candidate genes for Turner Syndrome phenotype"

October - Wilson Sayres lab present at 2015 American Society of Human Genetics meeting: 
Kimberly Olney: Inferring biased allele expression across the genome
Melissa Wilson Sayres: Genetic diversity on the human X chromosome suggests there is no single pseudoautosomal boundary

September - Tim Webster, PhD joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher: http://timothyhwebster.com

September - Research coverage about our published research on the role of microchimerism in maternal health by journalists at The New York Times, National Geographic, The Smithsonian Magazine.

September - Panel discussion based on the recent book, "Women After all". [Watch] [Storify] [News Article]

August - Interviewed for Rock your Research Podcast series. [Listen]

July - Article about ongoing research on the human X and Y, "Human Sex Chromosomes are Sloppy DNA Swappers", by Viviane Callier.

July - Interviewed by Ed Yong from National Geographic as an expert about temperature-dependent and genetic sex determination in bearded dragons.

June - MWS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Undergraduate Summer Enrichment Award to fund Sarah Brottman for 12 weeks to study, "Using patterns of diversity to measure boundaries of the pseudoautosomal regions on the human sex chromosomes".

June - Shawn Rupp, a senior/4+1 MS student in the Wilson Sayres lab, was selected to participate in the "Bioinformatics & Biodiversity" workshop to be held at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH (July 27-30, 2015).

March - Pooja Narang, postdoctoral research scientist, selected to receive SMBE Young Investigator Travel Award to attend the 2015 meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

March - Interviewed regarding our published research, “A recent bottleneck of Y chromosome diversity coincides with a global change in culture”, interviewed by, Danielle Paquette, Washington Post; Mark Brodie, KJZZ NPR; Francie Diep, Pacific Stand; and featured on: Slate, IFLS, and reddit.

March - Wilson Sayres lab at 2014 meeting of the International Society for Evolutionary Medicine and public health:

Using diversity to measure boundaries of the pseudoautosomal regions in human sex chromosomes: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463393
Modeling the contrasting Neolithic lineage expansions in Europe and Africa: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463394
Characterizing sex-biased gene expression in the green anole: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463395
Evolutionary perspective suggests candidate genes for variation in Turner Syndrome phenotype: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463396
Patterns of evolution across vertebrate sex determining genes: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463397
Parent-of-origin effects in Turner syndrome patients: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1463398

January - Shawn Rupp begins as a Masters student.

January - Kimberly Olney begins as a Research technician.

January - Pooja Narang begins as a Postdoctoral scholar.



December - Wilson Sayres lab awarded two Mindlin Undergraduate Mentored Research Awards:
Bich (Hien) Vu: "Patterns of evolution across vertebrate sex determining genes."
Shawn Rupp: "Characterizing sex-biased gene expression in the green anole." 

December - Interviewed about co-organized session, "The X-factor of Complex Disease," at ASHG 2014. Featured in Meeting report in Genome Biology

November - Interviewed about bioinformatics research as part of a series with notable bioinformaticians

October - Interviewed about genomic testing as new resources surface for Phoenix Children's Hospital.

October - Interviewed about Open Access publishing. 

October - Profiled on for "Cracking the (bio)code." - profile here

September - Breaking Bio #65 "Sex chromosomes & Math for Biologists with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres" - watch here.

June - Interviewed by Martin Amrein for article about Y chromosome evolution in NZZ am Sonntag (article in German), available below: June2014_NZZamSonntag_Y-Chromosome.pdf

June -  Interviewed for "Sex is Complicated" by Jillian Keenan about mechanisms of sex determination for Slate article about trans individuals.

April - "56 different points on the gender spectrum" panel discussion at The Conference on World Affairs - watch here.

March - Interviewed by Maria Armoudian on The Scholar's Circle, NPR, along with Jeremy Nathans, about the X and Y chromosomes. - listen here.

January - Interviewed about Y chromosomes by Jonathan Green of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) Radio National. - listen here

Januray - Interviewed about work studying variation on the human Y chromosome: Ian Sample at The GuardianRobin Wikey at the Huffington PostRobert Sanders at UC Berkeley (y en Español), Sven Stockrahm at Zeit Online (German). Also written about by: Razib Khan at The Unz ReviewVicktoria Woollaston at MailOnlineSandro Iannoccone at Galileo (Italian)Jumat in Sains (Indonesian)Pieter Van Dooren in Standaard (Dutch)

2013 and before

September 2013 - Interviewed by Ed Yong from National Geographic about inherited human sex reversal due to variations in the SRY gene. 

August 2013 - "Sex, male bias, and degeneration". Invited public lecture hosted by Bay Area Skeptics, Berkeley, CA.

July 2013 - Interviewed by Tia Ghose at Live Science, and interviewed by Erin Wayman of Science News for comments about a newly Y TMRCA results.

March 2013 - Interviewed by Alan Boyle at NBC News for comments about a newly identified human Y chromosome lineage.

November 2012 - Interviewed by Tia Ghose at LiveScience about our research involving observations of, and explanations for extremely low human Y chromosome diversity. Her article was picked up by The Huffington PostYahoo!Newse!ScienceNewsHitech@Glance, and others.

April 2012 - Interviewed by Dinsa Sachan at Down To Earth for comments on the newly sequenced rhesus Y chromosome.

July 2009 - Interviewed about our work on the evolution of the human sex chromosomes: ABC News HealthScience DailyL'Espresso (Italian), Phillipine TimesThe HinduDailyIndia.comScience Codex, and others.