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We are raising awareness about how amazing the Gila monster is, and had our first crowd-funding campaign to support the first stage of sequencing the Gila monster genome. The campaign was live March 31st - April 30th. Project updates will continue at our Experiment page, so follow along (!

If you missed the crowd-funding, but would still like to donate, you can donate directly to our sponsored account through Arizona State University here: may not seem like it but donations at that site go towards Gila monster research!!) 

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More about the Gila monster:

  • A synthetic version of extendin-4, a peptide isolated from Gila monster venom, is being used (successfully!) to treat Type-II diabetes.
  • Gila monsters are one of only two known venomous lizards.
  • There is no anti-venom for Gila monster bites. 
  • Gila monsters can eat up to 1/3 their body weight at one time and store fat in their tails.
  • Gila monsters store water in the urinary bladder that they can reabsorb during times of drought.
  • Gila monster habitats are being destroyed.
  • Gila monster can have a 1-square mile range (1.6 square km), and typically do not survive if relocated.
  • Gila monsters have sex chromosomes, but they are just the opposite of humans (female Gila monsters have one big sex chromosome and one small degraded one like typical human males).


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