We often have many projects going on in the lab, some that are long-term topics for the lab, some that we're newly investigating, and some with collaborators. We will attempt to update this page every six months with the most current research topics in the lab. 

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Male mutation bias and Sex chromosome evolution

  • MMB in Lepidoptera (Narang, Walters)
  • MMB in flies (Daly, Narang)
  • Context-dependent mutations and MMB (Kalungi, Narang)
  • Life history trait evolution (Levy)
  • X-Y recombination suppression (Jobe)
  • Y chromosome population history and sequencing depth (Taravella)
  • Dog pseudoautosomal regions (Phung, Lohmueller)
  • Human variation across the pseudoautosomal boundary (Cotter, Webster)


  • Breast cancer neoepitopes (Narang, Anderson)
  • Breast cancer exome variation (Webster)
  • The role of the X chromosome in breast and prostate cancer (Webster, Narang)
  • Evolution of heterogeneity (Chowell, Maley, Anderson)
  • Recombination in cancer (Sekulic, Weinstein)
  • Evolution of resistance (Hendricks, Banovich, Sekulic)
  • eQTL in liver and breast cancer (Natri, Buetow)
  • Purifying selection in cancer (Natri, Banovich)
  • Breast cancer synthetic biology (Olney, Haynes)
  • Melanoma modeling (Harris, Sekulic)

Herp Genetics

  • Gila monster genomics and transcriptomics (Webster, Cotter)
  • Tortoise speciation (DeNardo, Kusumi, Webster, Dolby)
  • Iguana sex chromosomes (DeNardo, Webster)
  • Rattlesnake immunology (Brusch, DeNardo)
  • Fringe-toed lizard distributions (Bearman, Williams, Leavitt)

Biased allele expression

  • Placenta expression (Olney)
  • Nasonia (Underwood, Olney)

Population genetics

  • Turkana (Stone, Mathew, Taravella)
  • African continent populations (Taravella, Webster, Consortium)
  • PCA inference software (Taravella, Deshpande)
  • Gombe population variation (Stone, Ozga, Webster)


  • XYalign (Webster)
  • XY transcriptome mapping bias (Olney, Brotman, Andrews, Valverde-Vesling)
  • Alignment Processor (Rupp)
  • Reference genome remapping (Webster, Wolf)
  • ASEofBases (Olney, Nielsen, Skotte)


  • Teaching Genetic Drift (Cartwright, Castillo, Rosenberg)
  • Bioinformatics Core Competencies (NIBLSE RCN)
  • Reducing perceived conflict between religion and evolution (Barnes, Brownell)