Weekly Roundup - Week of November 27, 2015

Every week, members of the Wilson Sayres’ lab scour journals for interesting and relevant (to lab research) articles. Here’s what we found the week of November 27, 2015:

Sex Chromosomes

Chromosomal rearrangements as barriers to genetic homogenization between archaic and modern humans Rogers (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Differentiation of sex chromosomes and karyotype characterisation in the dragonsnake Xenodermus javanicus (Squamata: Xenodermatidae) Rovatsos et al. (2015) in Cytogenic and Genome Research


Allelic mutations of KITLG, encoding KIT ligand, cause asymmetric and unilateral hearing loss and Waardenburg Syndrome Type 2. Zazo Seco et al. (2015) in American Journal of Human Genetics

Family wide molecular adaptations to underground life in African mole-rats revealed by phylogenomic analysis Davies et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Reintroduction of a homocysteine level-associated allele into East Asians by Neanderthal introgression Hu et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

A common genetic origin for early farmers from Mediterranean Cardial and Central European LBK cultures Olalde et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Polymerase zeta activity is linked to replication timing in humans: evidence from mutational signatures Seplyarskiy et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Exploring massive incomplete lineage sorting in Arctoids (Laurasiatheria, Carnivora) Doronina et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Population level purifying selection and gene expression shape subgenome evolution in maize Pophaly and Tellier (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

The mosaic ancestry of the Drosophila genetic reference panel and the D. melanogaster reference genome reveals a network of epistatic fitness interactions Pool (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Inferring selective constraint from population genomic data suggest recent regulatory turnover in the human brain Schrider and Kern (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Evolutionary genomics of Culex pipiens: global and local adaptations associated with climate, life-history traits and anthropogenic factors Asgharian et al. (2015) in Proceedings of the Royal Society: B

Identification and characterization of essential genes in the human genome Wang et al. (2015) in Science

Hemichordate genomes and deuterostome origins Simakov et al. (2015) in Nature

Stable recombination hotspots in birds Singhal et al. (2015) in Science

Gekko japonicus genome reveals evolution of adhesive toe pads and tail regeneration Liu et al. (2015) in Nature Communications


A comparative study of RNA-seq analysis strategies Jänes et al. (2015) in Briefings in Bioinformatics

Assessing the consistency of public human tissue RNA-seq data sets Danielsson et al. (2015) in Briefings in Bioinformatics

Beyond fruit-flies: population genomic advances in non-Drosohpila arthropods Hasselmann et al. (2015) in Briefings in Functional Genomics


Hybridization and the origin of contagious asexuality in Daphnia pulex Xu et al. (2015) in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Genes, circuits, and precision therapies for autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders Sahin and Sur (2015) in Science

The effects of life history and sexual selection on male and female plumage colouration Dale et al. (2015) in Nature