Weekly Roundup - October 23, 2015

Every week, members of the Wilson Sayres’ lab scour the most recent issues of dozens of journals for interesting and relevant (to lab research) articles. Here’s what we found the week of October 23, 2015 (apologies for the inconsistent formatting below, I'm still trying to get a handle on Wordpress's autoformatting behavior):

Sex Chromosomes


Biased introgression of mitochondrial and nuclear genes: a comparison of diploid and haplodiploid systems Patten et al (2015) in Molecular Ecology

Genetic variation and the de novo assembly of human genomes Chaisson et al. (2015) in Nature Reviews Genetics

Boharcek and Mansuy (2015) in Nature Reviews Genetics
Extremely high mutation rate of HIV-1 in vivo Cuevas et al. (2015) in PLoS Biology
DNA methylation landscapes of human fetal development Slieker et al. (2015) in PLoS Genetics
Schmich et al. (2015) in Genome Biology

Evolutionary Biology

Fitness benefits of mate choice for compatibility in a socially monogamous species Ihle et al. (2015) in PLoS Biology

Miyata et al. (2015) in Science Also see accompanying perspective: Towards a rapid and reversible male pill